KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken


Having read this post about KFC’s Crispy Cheese Chicken in Ruthilicious, curiosity got the better of me that when me and my sister found ourselves at the mall one busy lunch hour, my feet led us in front of a KFC counter.

It’s not the first time that KFC came out with a new variant of their fried chicken. Last year there was the Crispy Butter Chicken. Even earlier was the Chili Lime Chicken. KFC’s Crispy Cheese Chicken is fried chicken whose crispy skin is dusted with crushed cheese flavored Clover Chips. Clover Chips is a local brand of corn and tapioca starch chips.

I took the “safe” route and ordered the Snack Box, which is a box of fries and choice of Hotshots or Funshots. With the inclusion of Crispy Cheese Chicken in the menu, there is now the option for bite-size, boneless pieces of Crispy Cheese Chicken aside from the spicy Hotshots and plain Funshots. I say “safe” since in the past, KFC also came out with flavored Funshots in sour cream and cheese, both of which I still miss.


My sister opted for a P99 chicken meal which chicken, rice, mushroom soup, gravy and regular drink after the cashier said yes when we asked if we can get the Crispy Cheese Chicken variant instead Original or Hot & Crispy. He said that the Crispy Cheese Chicken is available as an alternative to the Original and Hot & Crispy flavors.

I already tried to imagine what this combo would taste like and since I am largely a pessimist, I tend to think there are areas with which things could go wrong.  The idea of adding a dusting of chips on fried chicken may be overly simplistic for some but then you need to have the right kind of chips for this to work. And I have to say that this works quite well together. I could identify the distinct taste of cheese-flavored Clover Chips as I gnaw on the chicken. It’s not overly cheesy or salty and I guess part of that is due to the amount of crushed Clover Chips that made it to our orders.

I will be trying the Crispy Cheese Chicken Meal which is chicken, chicken rice, mashed potato with corn, country gravy and regular drink for P99 next just to taste for myself what the rice and gravy are like. After all, if other variants of KFC fried chicken are any indications, the Crispy Cheese Chicken will be available for a limited time only.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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