Loot from SG: White Coffee, Chocolates, Rice Crackers

nescafe ipoh white coffee

Nescafe Philippines recently launched it’s version of instant 3-in-1 white coffee mix, Nescafe Creamy White. I have yet to try it myself.

We still have packages of Nescafe Menu Ipoh White Coffee.  Pasalubong from Singapore. My sister likes this instant coffee mix so much until I ruined it for her. She found it quite creamy with a distinct taste she could not put her finger on. I told her simply that it tasted like coffee with milk. After several cupfuls, she grudgingly concurred. Heh. I guess she did not read the ingredients. Listed aside from instant coffee are creamer, full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, chocolate malt drink and cocoa. I couldn’t taste the last two. Nor the margarine. Online sources say that white coffee from Ipoh, Malaysia is coffee bean roasted in margarine then served with added milk. I wonder if Nescafe Creamy White is similar in taste. Their ads say it’s Nescafe coffee mixed with Nestle milk.

ikea Godis Chokladkrokant

Godis Chokladkrokant.

Not the sound I will make with my mouth full if you ask me what is it I’m eating now. Chances are I wouldn’t even be minding you. I will be in my happy place as my palate translates the writing on the package “Is soooo good. Chocolate heaven.”

Also from SG are these bite-size pieces of milk chocolate with butterscotch bits. Google Translate will tell you that it’s Candy Chocolate Crispy. I will tell you that the chocolate’s not crisp, the butterscotch bits are.  Crunch on them or allow them to melt in your mouth. The butterscotch bits lends its taste well into the creamy chocolate. Out of all the chocolates I have tasted from Ikea, this is my favorite.  Please Ikea, open a branch in the Philippines soon.

want want seaweed cracker

I know it’s from Taiwan and I may have spotted a forlorn package once in the local supermarket but Want Want Seaweed Rice Crackers will forever remind me of SG ‘coz my sibling and sister-in-law almost always have a package in their cupboards. And with good reason. I, myself, could never get enough of these puffed baked discs made of rice. I enjoy crunching on them whilst savoring their salty sweet glaze. Have I mentioned in a previous post that I love seaweed? I do. All the more reason to Want Want them.

I know all of the three above are not exactly manufactured in Singapore, we just got them there. I guess that’s why I chose to lump these three together. More food stuff from SG soon.


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