More Loot from SG: Breads and Pastry

So having heard all the stories from family members who would take PAL economy flights to and from SG, my sister was looking forward to some hearty in-flight meal. It was her first time to fly PAL. She ended up disappointed that the in-flight snack consisted of peanuts and crackers. The cream crackers actually taste good but since we could get them from the supermarket, sister of course was not happy. Granted, the plane took off at past 8:30PM, past dinner time if dinner is at 7PM. So maybe light munchies were then in order.


Her trip back was better. Aside from a real meal, there were pastries. Already full, she brought home a piece of Butter Cake and bread topped with nuts (shown above, center and right).

shrimp floss1

It was not all the breads she brought back.There were these bread rolls with shrimp floss inside, covered in sesame seeds and bits of seaweed. Yeah, seaweed and if you’ve read my previous post, then you’d deduce that I pounced and kept these rolls to myself. Kidding. But I wanted to. They were very flavorful. There’s a pork floss version but I’m glad she brought home the shrimp ones as I am more of a seafood girl. These breads are available at Q Bread, a bakery in Singapore with a branch in Tampines, among other locations.

chia te pineaaple egg yolk pastry1

Then, there were these small bars of Pineapple Egg Yolk Pastry from Chia Te. Sister-in-law was gifted several by someone who just got back from Taiwan so she shared some with sister who thought of bringing some home for us to try.  Yeah, just like in my previous post, another food item that’s not produced in Singapore, just brought home by sister from her trip there. The Pineapple Egg Yolk Pastries have crumbly, buttery, cake-like exteriors and large amount of pineapple and egg yolk fillings. Moon cakes came to mind when I got to the filling, because of the egg yolk. Well, at least, moon cakes that have egg yolks at their centers. The pineapple filling was not overly sweet and the egg yolk lends a savory hint to the pastries.

pineapple eggyolk pastry1

Now if all  their goods are just like the ones I have tasted, I am looking forward to tasting more breads and pastries from Q Bread and Chia Te in the future.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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