Twitter Notebook


Did you know that all the tweets you have publicly posted is archived at the Library of Congress in the US?

I may not post twitter updates much but whenever I am online I open a tab for my twitter feed to see how everyone and everything are doing. As the micro-blogging site has had pretty much a significant impact on lives this decade, I decided to purchase this small, thin notebook that says twitter on the cover one time I was checking out the stationery section of a department store. (Hey, people buy lego notebooks.) It was sealed in plastic and there was no unwrapped sample notebook lying around. But I was curious as to why a notebook would have the word twitter emblazoned on it.

Does each page resemble a twitter feed? Does one write in tiny rectangles inside where only 140 characters can fit?


The notebook is half the size of a normal notebook. The pages are stapled together and has a cardboard cover.


Sadly, it does not have any of the gimmicks I was thinking. It’s just a notebook. Planner if you count the planner pages good for eleven weeks scattered all over.  It could be a planner for summer vacation when school’s out, if one is to disregard the calendar. Almost right at the middle of the notebook is a calendar which does not have any indication of the year. Found out upon checking on the internet that it is for the year 2011. Sheesh. If I were to really use this, I’d rather just keep notes in it.


There’s hardly anything in the notebook to remind one of twitter. No twitter bird, no twitter themes. Sure, there are illustrations of a kid using a computer and a laptop, even a profile pic but those could just as well represent other social networking sites. Posting “micro-blogging complex” several times throughout does not do anything for me as well. Because all these things don’t really tell anyone what twitter is. Of course, I don’t understand what the Chinese characters worked into the illustrations meant.


That’s what this notebook has going for it. How cute the illustrations are. Love the earthy tones too. And I am a sucker for watercolor prints. Almost all the pages have those and the prints get repeated only one other time.  But then the notebook only has a few pages, less than 50. Like a tweet that has come up short leaving the reader wanting more.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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