Regent Mochi and Sushi


A recent grocery run had me perusing the snack food aisles. And there they were, the Regent Mochi Animetric had talked about in this blog post of hers. Faced with four options, I picked the pack with assorted mochi over the ones which were just entirely green tea, mango and ube (purple yam).

For those wondering, mochi are Japanese cakes made from glutinous rice paste. Correct me if I am wrong but I think Regent Mochi is the first non-ice cream filled mochi ever to be mass-produced and made commercially available in local supermarkets.


An assorted pack has 5 kinds of mochi, 10 mochi in all. Each either has a peanut or red bean paste filling.  The one covered in sesame seed tasted a lot like buchi, a very soft buchi. The others have faint of hints of fruity flavor, some of which I could not particularly tell what exactly. I agree with Animetric that the red ones are strawberry-flavored and the yellow ones do have a tell-tale taste of orange but I am not sure what the green and white ones were meant to taste like.

They’re pillowy soft and chewy. Not very filling because of the small size. I have to agree to what’s written on the wrapper, they’re more of a dessert snack, also perhaps as something to end a meal with. Not at all savory.


I also spotted what looked like rice cracker snacks at the junk food aisle. Also from Regent, this one proudly proclaims “Sushi”. Hmm, sushi-flavored rice crackers? Sold.


Look at how pretty the designs on those wrappers are! Bright, colorful and enticing, much like the wrappers of most Regent products. A pack of Sushi Bar Snacks yields 30 individually wrapped rice crackers. And as you can see below, there are twelve different wrapper prints. So does a pack have twelve different flavors?


More like four. Checking the list of ingredients, the rice crackers come in cuttlefish, shrimp, seafood and egg. A certain wrapper is ascribed a flavor. The rice cracker in the tamago sushi wrapper has a sweetish, less salty taste than the rest while the one in the mackerel sushi wrapper tastes fishy with a taint of vinegar. I like the variety, it’s like I got four munchies instead of one. The rice crackers themselves do not have that slight ampaw taste that some rice crackers (like Want Want) have. But all four flavors smell yummy.

For more on snack foods by Regent, visit their website or facebook page.

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