Mang Inasal and Goldilocks Dinuguan / Pork Blood Stew

In my part of the world, a lot of us are not averse to eating cooked pig blood. I know there are a lot of people who like betamax or grilled pork blood squares. Myself excluded though. Find them not to my liking as they’re bland on their own. The taste is dependent on the sawsawan or dipping sauce. Now dinuguan is something I would not hesitate to eat often.

Dinuguan or pork blood stew is mainly pig blood, pork and/or offal, vinegar, garlic and finger chili. I prefer ones with pig’s intestines and added coconut cream. Yum. My dad used to make dinuguan right until my mom’s co-teacher who delivered fresh pork to us retired. Mom would tell her if dad will be making dinuguan and she would throw in pig blood for free. My parents are wary of using pig blood obtained from the market least it’s not fresh.

Since then we’ve been dependent on fastfood stores, restos and trusted eateries for our dinuguan fix. Two of those fastfood chains would be Mang Inasal and Goldilocks. Because how food tastes sometimes vary from store to store, I will be talking about the dinuguan served at Mang Inasal EDSA Taft and Goldilocks SM Marilao which I’ve had recently. mang inasal pork blood stew Mang Inasal’s dinuguan does not have offal, only bite-size pieces of lean pork and not much fat parts. This may be the reason why it’s not oily. There’s a good amount of gravy – smooth and thick even if there’s no coconut cream.  It does not have a fishy taste – hindi malangsa. For me, it has the right amount of vinegar. Other people might think it’s a bit sour – sister does. It’s not spicy since the chili is not mixed into the stew. goldilocks pork blood stew Goldilocks’ also has no offal but has more fat parts than Mang Inasal. I think this is why its gravy is much oilier.  The gravy, though slightly thinner than Mang Inasal’s, has chunky parts.  It also does not have a fishy taste and is not as sour as Mang Inasal’s. Like Mang Inasal’s, the chili is not chopped into the stew.

Between Mang Inasal and Goldilocks I am picking the former since I don’t like pork fat and I want plenty of gravy to drizzle unto my rice. I like that both fastfood stores have the green finger chili sitting on top of their dinuguan. This allows the customer to decide just how spicy he/she wants his/her stew to be. Mash it well for fiery hell or prick with your fork for a wee bit of a kick.

So how’s about serving dinuguan on Halloween  for dinner or for your party? There are a lot of dinuguan recipes on the net or you could just get some from stores. Remember to check your teeth after eating except if that’s really your goal, blackened teeth to compliment your Halloween costume.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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