Flipping for Penguins of Madagascar Pics and Merchandise

penguins of madagascar universal studios singapore

As a fan of those crazy penguins, I went bonkers like them in that Penguins of Madagascar episode Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel that time I learned we were going to USS. That’s Universal Studios Singapore and not the ship in the first Madagascar movie. That would be S. S. Act II. Anyways, I was determined to get pictures of and with the Penguins of Madagascar mascots and some penguins merchandise. Having confirmed from a leaflet that the mascots only make limited appearances, we planned our day on when the Madagascar characters will be performing their dance routine. That caper to get pics and vids went pretty well.

penguins of madagascar merchandise

Next stop then was the Penguins Mercantile, the souvenir shop at USS devoted to Madagascar merchandise. Penguins of Madagascar-themed items included kiddie outfits, mugs (no tin mug with fish sticking out that Skipper uses), pins, drinking straws, keychains, picture frames and ref magnets. The limited design options were what held me back from parting away with my cash. I could recall only two (and I have a fairly good memory), one wherein the penguins were balancing on top of each other and the other being the design on the mug and keychain in the photo above. On hindsight, I should have gotten something else other than the mug since I could very well have my preferred picture of the penguins printed on a mug at our local mall. But I’m happy with the keychain and pin since it would be hard to reproduce those or find similar items should the local character shops start rolling out Penguins of Madagascar merchandise now that the movie is out.

The 10 inch tall Rico stuffed toy / plushie, who obviously couldn’t be fitted into a manila envelope, is from a store in a mall in Manila. Check out the mohawk and scar! He’s a steal at just P150 (around $4).Yes. I have a Rico doll, I mean, stuffed toy / plushie. That does not make me Miss Perky. I think I’m more Zookeeper Alice with a Feral!Marlene side. Rico stuffed toy ain’t from USS. When we were there, save for Skipper plushies and pillows in the shape of Skipper’s and Private’s head, most of the penguin stuffed toys / plushies at USS gift shops looked suspiciously like Happy Feet characters and ordinary penguins.  But Rico is my fave penguin. penguins of madagascar pillows

Obviously I will be hitting the local theater this coming weekend for the Penguins of Madagascar movie and scoping out the character shops afterwards. I hope the local McDonald’s follows the US and starts offering movie tie-in Happy Meals. And Nickelodeon Asia gets its act together and shows the whole season three. And Dreamworks comes up with season four. Will settle with one of four for now.


Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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