I Am Back But..

This time around, please join me on blogspot.

I’ve been posting original entries there for a few months already. salmoncat2010.blogspot.com was initially a clone of salmoncat.wordpress.com. I just wanted to see what it’s like using a different blogging platform. Then I went MIA from the webeverse. Personal reasons. Curious as to what those reasons are? There are hints on my twitter account. And on my blogspot account. Maybe I’ll eventually bore you guys by posting what happened there. Maybe I won’t let you guys suffer.

Just the same, I guess I can’t abandon blogging. At least for now. So I will be posting entries on blogspot for maybe a year, maybe more, just to see how it goes. I may come back to post on wordpress, who knows.

Promise, there will be food, beauty products, paper and what-nots there.  Well, posts on food, beauty products, paper and what-nots. Be there for me. (:)) Okay fine, I know you guys will be there for the CATS. Even if my post about them are far in between.

cats in a box
Join us! There’s room for more!

Thank you for being with salmoncat.wordpress.com over the past years. For more craziness, please visit me on my other blog, salmoncat2010.blogspot.com. See you guys!

PS. I’m not abandoning this blog altogether as I do follow certain blogs on my reader. Also, if you have questions and reactions on my posts here on wordpress, fire away. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Caronia Silver Platinum Because Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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I’m wearing this frosted silver nail polish by Caronia right now. Silver Platinum, it say in the label. I think mom used to purchase a bottle of this or a similar shade right until she gravitated towards frosted pink nail polishes. I would have worn something blue because it’s been a rough year for us, for many of us. My aunt in law and my uncle passed away early this year while Yolanda victims are still grieving or have yet to grieve for their own relatives and losses.

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Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bars and Musings on Caroling and Pamasko


Two weeks ago in Ortigas, I picked up a box of Nestle Crunch chocolate bars, winnings from Nestle Crunch’s Crunchstagram contest on FB (visit their facebook page, like if you crave Nestle Crunch) wherein fans were to submit pictures of their interpretation of a given theme using Nestle Crunch chocolate bars. Thank you Nestle Crunch and Nuworks! The family got a chocolate bar each. The rest are now tagged and decked in ribbons ready to be given out to Sunday school children and more children. Can’t wait to see their faces when they see the big bar. Last time we gave out chocolate, sugar rush! They were bouncing off the walls.

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