I Am Back But..

This time around, please join me on blogspot.

I’ve been posting original entries there for a few months already. salmoncat2010.blogspot.com was initially a clone of salmoncat.wordpress.com. I just wanted to see what it’s like using a different blogging platform. Then I went MIA from the webeverse. Personal reasons. Curious as to what those reasons are? There are hints on my twitter account. And on my blogspot account. Maybe I’ll eventually bore you guys by posting what happened there. Maybe I won’t let you guys suffer.

Just the same, I guess I can’t abandon blogging. At least for now. So I will be posting entries on blogspot for maybe a year, maybe more, just to see how it goes. I may come back to post on wordpress, who knows.

Promise, there will be food, beauty products, paper and what-nots there.  Well, posts on food, beauty products, paper and what-nots. Be there for me. (:)) Okay fine, I know you guys will be there for the CATS. Even if my post about them are far in between.

cats in a box
Join us! There’s room for more!

Thank you for being with salmoncat.wordpress.com over the past years. For more craziness, please visit me on my other blog, salmoncat2010.blogspot.com. See you guys!

PS. I’m not abandoning this blog altogether as I do follow certain blogs on my reader. Also, if you have questions and reactions on my posts here on wordpress, fire away. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Heroes and Villains

For us, the MRT/LRT is still the cheaper, faster, more secure way to commute in the metro and a lot of people think so too judging by how cramped coaches get. It’s rather amazing that here, people would  stand and offer their seats to people who need them more. Based on my experience, it is the person not impeccably dressed, students and nurses who would usually give up their seats. My parents and aunt had often been the beneficiaries of such kind acts for which we are very much thankful.

A few Saturdays ago, we found ourselves in an MRT coach for females, people with kids, senior citizen and persons with disabilities, heading northbound. That time, there was this girl who not only gave up her seat but also assisted a PWD in and off the train until some MRT personnel took over from her at the ticket gate.

And then two weeks ago, we practically sprinted for the last northbound train, again at Guadalupe. We got into a coach which was for both males and females.  This gentleman in tank top gave up his seat for my dad. His stop was Cubao Station.

Also two weeks ago, the folks and I were able to get a cab to take us to the airport during evening rush hour which issues a receipt. The driver, I think he’s in his 50s, was really friendly, adjusted the taxi’s aircon to cooler levels and would lower the volume of his taxi’s radio whenever my younger brother would get on the phone.

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New Year’s Eve Traditions

We usually have Media Noche or New Year’s eve dinner earlier, after New Year’s Eve mass, so we could watch the fireworks at our terrace or at our rooftop. The good ones get lit up starting at around 10PM. It’s a bit tame this year, unlike last year when there were fireworks which went off over our heads.  Only kwitis exploded over us this year and we had to make sure we weren’t hit by the sticks that flew with them. The fireworks were mostly far from where we were.

After the show died down, we ensconced ourselves in the living room, mugs of coffee and the Krispy Kreme doughnuts warming us. After all, it had been quite cold outside. I like my doughnuts with chewy toppings so New York Cheese Cake, Snickers, Caramel Kreme Crunch, Cookies and Kreme and  Oreo do it for me. Original Glaze is fine as well. I just don’t get the Kitkat Doughnut, with the Kitkat sticking out. And I happen to like Kitkats (They placed commercials on The X-Files when it was being shown here. Both in the original run at RPN9 and the reruns on AXN Beyond.) .





The doughnuts were supposed to represent something sticky. At least the doughnuts’ sweet frosting clung to our fingers. It’s a superstitious belief, having something sticky will keep the family together.

Also, they did say having anything round for New Year’s Eve is lucky or would bring monetary luck. Round being the shape of coins. I hope they meant gold coins since coins nowadays would hardly get you anything. We still got 12 kinds of fruits for good measure and refrained from having chicken dishes. Another local superstition. Chickens are believed to be “isang kahig, isang tuka”, a situation wherein the compensation for the work that you do is just enough to get you by.  We mostly had fish and seafood. Hmm, no wonder I tend to be crabby at times.

Today is the Feast of Epiphany and of the Three Kings, the last day of the Philippine Christmas season. Happy New Year every one. Hope this year brings you lots of opportunities to be happy .

For more on Krispy Kreme Philippines, visit http://krispykreme.com.ph or their official facebook page here.