I Am Back But..

This time around, please join me on blogspot.

I’ve been posting original entries there for a few months already. salmoncat2010.blogspot.com was initially a clone of salmoncat.wordpress.com. I just wanted to see what it’s like using a different blogging platform. Then I went MIA from the webeverse. Personal reasons. Curious as to what those reasons are? There are hints on my twitter account. And on my blogspot account. Maybe I’ll eventually bore you guys by posting what happened there. Maybe I won’t let you guys suffer.

Just the same, I guess I can’t abandon blogging. At least for now. So I will be posting entries on blogspot for maybe a year, maybe more, just to see how it goes. I may come back to post on wordpress, who knows.

Promise, there will be food, beauty products, paper and what-nots there.  Well, posts on food, beauty products, paper and what-nots. Be there for me. (:)) Okay fine, I know you guys will be there for the CATS. Even if my post about them are far in between.

cats in a box
Join us! There’s room for more!

Thank you for being with salmoncat.wordpress.com over the past years. For more craziness, please visit me on my other blog, salmoncat2010.blogspot.com. See you guys!

PS. I’m not abandoning this blog altogether as I do follow certain blogs on my reader. Also, if you have questions and reactions on my posts here on wordpress, fire away. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Earth Hour 2012 and 2012 Doomsday Thoughts

Please support Earth Hour 2012. It will be this Saturday, 8:30-9:30PM. Turn off the electrical lights or better yet, turn off everything that runs on electricity.

Though I’m not digging their campaign slogan this year, which is “I will ___ if you will ___,” (Gives me the impression that one will act only if someone else will) it doesn’t mean we’re gonna sit this one out.

Not after the typhoons that struck the country in the past year, coupled by strong earthquakes that have been randomly occurring throughout the globe in the past weeks. September last year, Typhoon Pedring practically knocked a couple of trees from the treeline that once obscured the MacArthur Highway from us, if we’re at our terrace.

And while there has yet to be a more comprehensive study on the correlation of typhoons and earthquakes, here’s a link to an article which has an associate professor on Marine Geology and Geophysics talking about the effects of the former on the latter. It seems there’s a more likelihood of a large earthquake occuring within a few months or a few years after typhoons with a large amount of rain. Note that airplanes cause more rains! No!!! I love travelling!

Yes, I’m blaming climate change. I mean haven’t you noticed how wacko the weather has been out of late. It should be hot and humid and summery since it’s almost April and yet, we have had rains. Not really summer rains but torrential ones that’s supposed to be occurring during the second half of the year, not now. This past few days have been windy too, something that should be normal in January. Our plants have been quite confused as well, particularly our mango tree which has fewer fruits this year but has decided to sprout flowers again.

Call me paranoid but all these natural disasters happening at an unnaturally frequent rate and that Mayan end of the world prediction hanging over our heads, had me and my sister stocking up on provisions in the last three day sale. Though we take being prepared for anything seriously, we were actually laughing our heads off as we picked value packs filled with canned goods. She was protesting the inclusion of meatloaves, wanted stuff we can eat out of the can; me voicing that all preparation would be shot to hell if we forgot the can opener. And shouldn’t there be no more need to hoard since it is the end of the world? As in, “poof,” no more world. But what if it’s more of a “Walking Dead” scenario? I told her that I’d rather be dead then.

Anyways, again, it’s better to be prepared should there be hoarding scenarios ala Y2k. Please visit the Earth Hour Page here and the local page here.

Happening this Week and Next

Sale, bookfair, anime convention, food fest, blog giveaways and film festival!

The SM MOA 3 day sale starts tomorrow. Yeah!

Since you’ll already be at MOA for the sale, you may want to check out the 32nd Manila International Bookfair happening now until Sunday, September 18, 2011 (10AM-8PM) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila. For the list of exhibitors, here’s the link.

We were there last year and I was able to score some really good books but not as much as my sister. I think there was an entrance fee last time but still  expect the place to be packed. Precious Pages Corp (I’m in no way whatsoever related to them.) has a booth again this year. Last year, girls were hoarding their pocket books because of the really big discounts. They also carry books for children. Last year, almost everyone was carrying their paper bags as they were giving them away in bunches even without purchase. Instant advertisement.

Also, same as last year, an anime convention will be happening at the SMX over the weekend, The Best Of Anime 2011. Cosplay is a given. There’s an entrance fee of course. For the list activities, click here.

Over at Manila Ocean Park, they will be having a Food Fest tomorrow ’til Sunday. I can’t vouch for this as I haven’t been to any of their organized activities before, but it’s food so I may drop by. For details, here’s the link.

Meanwhile,  the Korean Embassy will be hosting a Korean Film Festival over at SM MOA, (September 19-25) SM North (September 20-25),  and SM Cebu (September 28-October 2). I’ve read in the PDI that entrance is free. It is important to visit this page (Click “2011 Korean Film Festival” when you get to the page.) from the Korean Embassy to the Philippines website for screening schedules as the screenings are not a whole day thing. Synopsis of films to be shown are also on the page.  We will be catching Jang Geun Suk (‘He’s Beautiful’) in ‘A Happy Life’ and Song Hye Kyo (‘Full House’) in ‘Hwang Jin Yi’.