X-Files Revival Replay Schedule in the Philippines

And so, in case you don’t know, I’m an x-phile. I have been raging on the unavailability of show schedule this past couple of days. Finally, one of the major local dailies, which has been running articles on the show this past few weeks, has posted this schedule.

The X-Files is on Fox Channel
Monday 7:05PM
Sorry, forgot that Monday evening in the US is Tuesday in the Philippines. Fox in their new TV ads says same day airing of a new episode is
Tuesday 7:05PM (although same day airing last Feb 2 was 10:45PM, so will still need to verify this by tonight)

Replay Schedule:
Monday 6:10PM / 7:05PM
Tuesday 9:00AM
Tuesday 10:45PM
Wednesday 7:05PM
Saturday 1:15PM

I haven’t tried to catch the show on the replay schedules above but my sister was able to  watch the replay yesterday Saturday.  Caught the replays on aforementioned schedule.

Oh, and in case, you read this, Oliver Pulumbarit, I hope you would review the new episodes that came out. Please and thank you. I enjoy reading your reviews.

Added February 24, 2016:

Hey! Lookie! Here’s a link to Oliver Pulumbarit’s review.

Thank you!

The review was in PDI’s February 17 issue, for those gathering clippings like me. To pad the the wall behind my desk, like the one in the X-Files office or Mulder’s unremarkable house. Sister begs to differ. Says I’m building a nest like Tooms in my room. Sure. Fine. Whatever. Actually, it goes next to Ruel De Vera’s review of the X-Files novel Antibodies.