Craving for Entrails and other Food Horror Stories

It’s 11 PM where I am at, the moon obscured by dense clouds. So unlike a week ago when it was bright and full, right after it was swallowed by the snake in the sky. No, it didn’t turn blood red then. TV Patrol, an evening news program, sure fooled us when they claimed that they were airing live footage of the eclipse. Sure it was. Live NASA footage and nowhere near the Philippines. Grrrr.

Dogs at the end of the street have started barking. Must be an office worker, making his/her way home. Or another dog that managed to escape or allowed to stray from a neighbor’s house.


Earlier I’ve scored entrails from the vendor off the main road. Now I am currently satisfying my hankering for barbecued innards on a stick. Chicken intestines. Pig’s ears. Pig’s small intestines. I also wanted pig’s large intestines (or were they cow’s intestines?) but they’ve run out of that. One of these days I will write down the kinds of barbecued meat on a stick. The isaw vendor’s stall we frequent has a menuboard listing them along with their prices. They have crafty names, like betamax for blocks of congealed pork blood and adidas for chicken feet.  There was a new one, chicken innards which were neither livers nor gizzards but are rather tough to chew.

My brother would have shook his head. He’s into clean, healthy living ever since he graduated from college. A couple of my friends have looked at me with disdain one time I told them that I want isaw. From the looks of their faces, it would seem that they haven’t had them ever. I just hope food snobs know, as they sunk their teeth into a decadent chorizo, sausage, longanisa, that what they’re savoring is often intestine-encased ground meat.

I guess I understand their concerns. While in private school, teachers have incessantly warned us that street foods may not be prepared in hygienic conditions. I’ve thought that it was partly a ploy to get us to buy only from the school cafeteria and other food concessionaires. In all my stay, I’ve never heard of anyone who got food poisoned after eating food sold right outside school premises. But recently, a friend who teaches in a public school got typhoid fever. I have to admit that that made me less adventurous for a while.

Still, how sure are you that the food being served at diners are safe? I once had to tell a cashier at a local fastfood that something is dripping from their ceiling right into the container where they get ice for their drinks.

chicken isaw

Turns out that the person that set off the dogs earlier was sister. And wouldn’t you know, she also brought home a package of isaw. They’re from another vendor. The intestines coiled closely to the stick. What seems to be splatters of blood is actually tomato sauce added to the basting sauce. Now excuse me while I set to work on these.

Thank you for reading. Your questions, reactions, thoughts are most appreciated.

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