Fake Survey Scam

Today is the nth time they went to our house.

It’s a different person every time. They claim that they are from/ have been commissioned by (insert name of government agency here) and that they are doing a survey on (insert government survey here – population, disaster, fire, environment, etc). It could be a different government agency and different survey each time.

The first time, we were accommodating. And we regret being so. They asked for demographic details (how much we earn, sources of income, age of family members, from what province we are –  they would try to warm up by saying they’re from the same province), our family’s personal information, some more questions then finally they asked about our LPG (what LPG brand we use, what’s the serial number of the tank). They wanted our LPG unhooked to the regulator. I told them off that no, they can’t do that. The girl and guy tandem left.

I was out of the country last year when they victimized my dad. Same modus. Except this time my dad had them look  and touch our LPG and its regulator. They said that these were defective and that we could get in trouble with the Fire Safety Department. Lies meant to scare my dad. Everything was fine before they came. They tampered with our gas cylinder and regulator that we had to buy a new gas range last year. That’s not all. They conned my dad into buying something  from them worth P2000. They said it would remedy the problem. That something was a hose which I’m pretty sure doesn’t cost more than P500. Just a hose, nothing else. The one in the picture below. They said my dad has to pay another 4 digit amount if he wants the hose attached to our regulator. My dad didn’t avail of the service. The hose was never used. But their tinkering with our regulator damaged our gas range.

found the hose in our backyard storage

If they were after defective tanks, shouldn’t they have surveyed/make a go at LPG suppliers? And a hose was meant to solve everything? How does that solve the problem of the tank? Or the regulator? If ever there was, which I doubt.  I mean they lied about the survey and working for a government agency, didn’t they? And we didn’t have LPG, regulator or gas range problems before they came. I believe that my dad is a victim of a budol-budol gang. Even if it isn’t a budol-budol gang, they are scamming people off.

If they are legit, why drag some government agency’s name? That’s misrepresentation in the first place.  The survey’s just a front. They just want to con, scam you. I’m beginning to think that, no, they aren’t even into selling. I have heard the DTI say in a radio program that when you pay an exorbitant amount for something, that’s a scam.

These people already have our personal info which is why when they go house to house, they spend more time trying to lure out people from our household. They’re pretty selective, they usually knock and exert more effort at the houses with senior citizens on our street.

Today, I went through the familiar song and dance. What is it? (a survey) On? (population) Are you from the government? What agency? (We’ve been commissioned by the Population Commission) The guy told me that we haven’t been surveyed yet as we didn’t have any sticker when I told him that we already took part in the latest survey. I told him that if they are really from the government, they should go to the barangay first. I was thinking, are you calling me a liar because we really have taken part of a recent government survey and the barangay can prove it since they accompanied those survey takers. And we have the sticker, just not the sticker, but of course, he wants. The guy told me that I have no right to raise my voice. The nerve! The time prior to this, after I told them to go to the barangay first, they said that it’s okay if we don’t want to be a part of the survey. They will just skip us. Afraid of the real government people, aren’t we?

A call to the Population Commission then Census confirmed that there are no surveys being conducted right now.

They carry clipboards, go house to house, have IDs, are in pairs, almost like real survey takers. There are other things that give them away though. I wonder if I should post it here. After all, if they are reading this, they would know what they are doing wrong then act more like real survey takers. Have more victims.

Anyway, here’s what to do to prevent these ‘mga hangal ang kaluluwa’ from victimizing you:

1. Before even answering their survey, call the government offices they have mentioned and ask if they have a survey ongoing right now at your area and ask for the names of the survey takers.  Phone numbers of government agencies can be googled/are available online. Forget checking IDs. IDs can be faked.

2. If they mention some exotic, never heard of government agency or branch of an agency or NGO, call your barangay. Well okay, even if it is a well known government agency. Legal government survey takers pay courtesy calls to the barangay first before going house to house. If you don’t know the number of your barangay, ask the survey takers go to your barangay first and go back to you accompanied by a barangay official. I would think barangay officials are concerned with their constituents.

I have mentioned these fake survey takers to a legit survey taker (whose survey I recently participated in)  and  I’m sorry that I didn’t trust legit survey taker even if she was with one of our barangay officials. She said that yes, there are a lot of fake survey scams out there.


6 thoughts on “Fake Survey Scam

    1. Thanks Ishmael. One of our neighbors was almost a dugo-dugo gang victim if not for their help calling them to verify if they were indeed in an accident. And expensive stuff were taken from a friend’s house (less than 2 kilometers from ours) by thieves midday. Can’t be too careful these days.

      1. My father told me that suspicious persons visited our house and told him that the a government agency is having a survey. My father sensed that they are up to no good and told them about the “LPG regulator gimmick.” The suspicious people can’t say anything and just left.

      2. I’m glad for your dad and grateful for your help. Feels like you guys showed them the door for us. Thank you. Take care and all the best.

  1. Hi… I’m trying to research on this lpg scam… sad to say, I became a victim just yesterday… There were newer articles, but none sated my curiosity and eased my worries…. we bought an lpg safety regulator, much to the coaxing of the sales agent… She seemed legit…. with ids, certificates, receipts… it was just my brother and I inside the house… though we were ever vigilant of our belongings, the agent still succeeded in taking away 3800 pesos from me by making me purchase the regulator…I would just like to ask if the products they sold, though overly priced are safe… I would like to ask other victims like me if they have experienced any defects with their purchase… I hope you can help me with this one, since I am uneasy… I might be putting my family at risk with this stupidity of mine T-T

    1. Sorry I wouldn’t know. What we have (had?) is just the hose. They wanted a 4-digit extra if they were to attach it. The hose may still be lying somewhere in the house. Haven’t checked since.

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